Front-End Web Developer Bundle

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Get access to 3 of our most popular courses that will get you one step closer to working as a front-end web developer. In this bundle you will be enrolled into the following courses:

  • HTML for Beginners
  • CSS for Beginners
  • Javascript for Beginners

Courses Topics:

HTML for Beginners:

  • Intro to Basics of HTML
  • What is HTML
  • HTML resources
  • HTML page Structure and Template
  • Heading in HTML Foundations for HTML structure
  • HTML content Formatting
  • HTML Building tips
  • Introduction to CSS styling
  • Divs Spans Styling Help
  • Hyperlinking with Anchors
  • Adding images into HTML pages
  • HTML list types
  • HTML tables and styling
  • Semantic Tags HTML5
  • Creating an HTML Form
  • Make a form using HTML5
  • HTML5 Form types
  • Tweaks attributes for form building

CSS for Beginners:

  • CSS Quick Start to Styling
  • Quick Introduction to CSS Setup
  • How CSS Works on WebPages
  • CSS Color Options
  • Color Options for CSS
  • Selector Syntax making selections
  • CSS Box Model Border Margin Padding
  • Background Image options CSS
  • Pseudo Classes CSS
  • Display Property CSS
  • CSS Position
  • CSS Float
  • Selector Nesting – Multiple Selectors
  • Font styles CSS
  • Common CSS properties
  • Webpage Project add Styling

Javascript for Beginners:

  • Introduction to JavaScript
  • Variables and DataTypes
  • JavaScript Operators
  • Conditions Truthy and Falsey
  • JavaScript Ternary Operator
  • JavaScript Functions
  • Function Recursion
  • JavaScript Loops
  • JavaScript Arrays
  • JavaScript Objects
  • JavaScript Objects and Arrays
  • Math Random JavaScript
  • Template literals


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